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How can we help? 

Who are Super Tutors? 

We are a small team of expert tutors who go to great lengths to provide top quality one to one and group lesson tuition to our awesome students!

Primary, secondary and tertiary tuition available in a range of subjects.

English as an Additional Language (EAL Tuition).

Why choose us? 


Our tutors are all experts in their field. They are either qualified teachers, have extensive teaching/tutoring experience, and/or are highly qualified, with some tutors having masters or doctoral degrees. Tutors undergo an extensive application process that involves interviews, demos and subject knowledge testing. Out of the large number of candidates we review, only a very small number make it through. This ensures that our students get the very best out of tuition. 


Unlike large tutoring companies who have thousands of tutors on-board, we pride ourselves in quality over quantity. We  understand the value in top-class tuition and the importance in inspiring and motivating our learners. Out team continuously work hard towards becoming the best that we can be through team meetings and our own professional development.  As passionate, dedicated educators,  our hearts and love for teaching is in the centre of all we do. 


If you have any queries or would like some advice on whether or not tutoring is right for you or your child, just drop us an email or give us a bell. We're always willing and happy to chat.


Boost children's intrinsic motivation

Super Tutors specialise in boosting student’s intrinsic motivation - this is where a person carries out a task because they want to, out of enjoyment, or because they see value in the learning. We provide learning experiences that create a sense of freedom and choice, that encourage persistence and promote a love for learning. Motivated students have a strong sense of self-determination that is essential to success in education and in life. Our Super Tutors understand that motivation is key, that knowledge is power, and that enjoyable lessons will promote life-long learning.

Good Grades

Develop skills & improve grades

Increasing performance is an important factor whether or not students are struggling academically. We cater for learners of all abilities and levels and encourage our students to try various approaches to better their learning and increase their performance. This can be done through tutoring, practice and teaching skills to improve grades, but also through coaching and mentoring. Students who are provided with tools that can help them develop and master key skills needed in life and in education will be more likely to progress at a greater rate than those who lack these skills. We employ a variety of approaches that encourage self-learning, boost self-belief and confidence, improve grades and help students reach their full potential.

Girl by the Tree

Lower stress through preparation

Pressure and stress are detrimental to learning. Students who learn under these conditions are more likely to struggle academically. Studies have shown that pressure and stress can impair cognitive functioning and memory, lower students’ persistence in education, and lead to mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Often students are under pressure from parents because they want nothing more than to please them, or they put the pressure on themselves. Unfortunately, they feel like failures when they don’t accomplish tasks in the way they had hoped. We are trained in changing perspectives and encouraging students to break free from the chains of pressure, and to work towards success motivated by the love of learning, rather than the fear of failure or disappointing others.

Teacher and Students in Science Class

Promote a passion for learning


Like super-heroes, we go to great lengths to make a difference in people’s lives. We aim to not only leave lasting, colourful impressions on our students’ minds, but also warm and caring impressions in their hearts. Our tutors understand the importance of inspiring lessons. We strive to make our lessons fun, dynamic and as interactive as possible. Super Tutors are all about love, happiness, fun and laughter! We aim to inspire all students to embrace learning, to develop a passion for learning, and to understand that knowledge and education can pave the way to a beautiful future.

Female Student

Methodical, systematic approach
to learning

At Super Tutors, we understand that students’ often face barriers to learning. They believe that they are incapable of completing certain tasks because they seem too difficult. This can at times become overwhelming which leads to a further hampering of confidence and self-belief. We are skilled in simplifying these difficult tasks and teaching students to approach them in a step by step, bitesize manner; so that within time, mountains become molehills that can be easily accomplished. 

School Kids

Instil self-belief and enhance

Students who struggle academically often lack confidence and self-esteem. This can lead to hindering their ability to learn new material and succeed in their studies. Our warm and friendly approach quickly settles students’ nerves so that they feel safe and secure. When relaxed, students are more confident, open to challenges and are more likely to take risks in learning because they lose the fear of making mistakes. This friendly, supportive approach alongside enjoyable, tailor-made lessons designed to target and address students’ needs, helps boost students’ self-esteem and confidence.

Girls in the Library

Super Tutors are calm, friendly and supportive! 

I highly recommend Super Tutors Academy! Super Tutors always make sure that the students are in a calm, friendly and supportive learning environment. They have an incredible knowledge base and use many tricks and tips to help children understand the material. I see a huge improvement in my sons learning and trust Super Tutors immensely!


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